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Australian Author

Book List

The list below shows the date and publisher of the first edition of each title. Most titles are still held in libraries and The Shiralee has never been out of print and is currently published by Penguin Australia.

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  • The Shiralee,
    Angus & Robertson, London, Sydney, 1955

  • Call Me When the Cross Turns Over,
    Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1957

  • Gold in the Streets,
    Horwitz Publications, Sydney, London, 1959

  • The Big Smoke,
    Angus & Robertson, London, Sydney, 1959

  • The Apprentices,
    Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1965

  • Dead Men Running,
    Hodder & Stoughton, Sydney, 1969, Michael Joseph Ltd, 1969
    First Edition Dust Jacket painted by Russell Dysdale (see pic).

Short Story Collections

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  • The Ballad of the Fat Bushranger and Other Humorous Stories,
    Horwitz, Melbourne, London, 1961

  • Loganís Girl and Other Stories,
    Horwitz, Melbourne, London, 1961

  • Dadda Jumped Over Two Elephants,
    Panther, London, 1961

  • Pairs and Loners,
    Michael Joseph, London, 1966

  • The Penguin Best Stories of D'Arcy Niland,
    Selected by Ruth Park
    Penguin, Australia, 1987


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  • Be Your Own Editor: Make Your Stories Sell,
    Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1955: M Barrows, New York, 1959

  • The Drums Go Bang,
    Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1956 [Co-authored with Ruth Park]

Song Lyrics

  • Travelling Songs of Old Australia,
    Horwitz, Sydney, 1966 [Music by Les Raphael]